LIVING FUTURE 2018: Trade Show Booth Reservation
May 1st - 4th, 2018 | Portland, OR
A limited number of booths are available at Living Future 2018. Our 2017 trade show floor sold out, so for best placement and availability, submit your booth reservation application by the early bird deadline January 31, 2018.  

Download our Trade Show Booth Info packet: Coming Soon!

Sponsor with a booth benefit? Complete this form to reserve your booth (no deposit necessary).

Company representative looking to purchase the exhibitor package? Complete this form to reserve your booth, as well as pay the $500 deposit.

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New, first-time exhibitors are required to undergo brief a vetting process. 
We must determine if a manufacturer’s products are Red List Compliant, or if service providers fulfill requirements of our Just program. This information is collected in the Booth Reservation Form below.

Please note that this electronic form must be completed in one sitting.
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Living Future trade show exhibitors enjoy an unprecedented level of credibility within the human habitat industry. The products and services showcased have all "made the cut" and are suitable for use in Living Building Challenge projects, as well as inclusion in our materials database, Declare. If your product or service is part of the solution to creating a truly sustainable built environment, you should be an exhibitor at the Living Future 2018 vetted trade show.

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Primary contact for communicating logistics and planning details for your company's trade show booth at Living Future 2018.
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Have you already secured your booth through sponsorship, or would you like to purchase an exhibitor package?

$500 deposit is required for those who are purchasing an exhibitor package or have not yet finalized sponsorship decision (answers B and C). If your company decides to sponsor, the $500 deposit will be applied to the sponsorship.

Exhibitor Package: Booth Rental Rates (8' x 10' booth)

One (1) Full Conference Pass included per exhibitor package purchase. Up to three additional "Trade Show Staff Only" Passes will be made available per booth.

Large Company
 (50+ Employees)
          $3,500 (Early Bird Rate - ends 1/31/18) 
Small Company (Less than 50 Employees) 
          $3,000 (Early Bird Rate - ends 1/31/18)
Not-for-Profit Organizations**
          $1,500 (Early Bird Rate - ends 1/31/18)
* $500 deposit due upon signing this application. Full payment is due by January 31, 2018.
**Non-Profit rate package offers a high-top table (not a full 8' x 10' booth) on the trade show floor.

The "Trade Show Staff Only" Passes do do not grant access to the overall conference. If your staff would like to attend the overall conference (beyond the one (1) Full Conference Pass included in the Exhibitor Package), you will need to purchase them separately. 

Or, you can look into becoming a sponsor of Living Future 2018. Some sponsorship levels provide one or more full conference passes and a booth. Contact us at for more information.
What is your company type?

How many booth spaces are you reserving? (Maximum of 2)

Rates are PER booth space.

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Vetting Process: Are you a Product Manufacturer or a Service Provider? *

Product Manufacturer: Determination that a product’s ingredients are Red List Compliant through our DECLARE program: (Completion of DECLARE label is encouraged but not required.)

Service Providers: Submission of the Service Provider Questionnaire and application to JUST, the social justice label: (Completion of a JUST label is encouraged, but not required.)

Has your company been vetted for the Living Future trade show in the past? *

Please provide a link to a list of all materials ingredients used in your products (for red list free compliance). *

Service provider and public agency questionnaire

This questionnaire has been compiled to better understand your organization’s social and ecological footprint. The questions reflect the evaluation protocol found in the Living Building Challenge and the Living Product Challenge. Your presence at Living Future (including the products you display as well as your booth itself) should clearly indicate your commitment to advanced environmental standards found in the Living Building Challenge and the Living Product Challenge.

Living Future is a unique conference with a special attendee profile: the early adopters in the deep green movement. This savvy and cutting-edge group is substantially advancing sustainability through innovative achievements in design and construction. The trade show at Living Future mirrors the conference itself, and aims to showcase service providers, non-governmental organizations and public agencies who are as forward thinking and earnest about sustainability as the conference attendees.

*If a question does not apply to you, please indicate why.
Have you already been vetted for a Living Future trade show in the past? *

The following list provides characteristics of an organization with a commitment to social sustainability. Please check each of the following that apply. *

Explain the additional steps your organization has taken towards becoming socially sustainable *

For the following categories, please identify activities in which your organization demonstrates an ecological awareness of health, resources and social justice through workplace operations.

Resources: Energy *

e.g., submeter energy use; use efficient lighting + applicances; purchase green power and/or carbon offsets
Resources: Water *

e.g., install efficient plumbing fixtures; efficient landscaping
Resources: Air (Indoor Quality) *

e.g., access to daylight and views; fresh air via natural ventilation, economizer, etc
Transportation *

e.g., have alternate commute policy; endorse telecommuting; participate in regional car share program
Services *

e.g., reprographics; janitorial; catering policy; coffee + tea; courier for local deliveries
Durables *

e.g., purchasing policy in place for furniture, fixtures and equipment: durable, regional, low-VOC
Consumables *

e.g., waste prevention and/or management activities; use of non-toxic cleaners and office supplies; local purchasing
Promoting your company in Living Future 2018 collateral (website, mobile app, etc.)

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Booth Display: The Red List *

We encourage you to think creatively about your display for the trade show, bearing in mind that unConference attendees are seeking the most cutting edge information and contacts that aid them in achieving a Living Future. Display materials and collateral must be free of Red List items, and paper must be FSC certified. Fabric posters are a great alternative. Print West ( is a preferred supplier of FSC certified and Red List free materials.

The Red List represents the “worst in class” materials, chemicals, and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem. If you have any questions regarding the materials on the Red List (see here for the full list: and how it relates to your booth, please contact us at
Terms and Conditions *

Load In: Wednesday, May 2, 2018 (TBD)
Load Out: Friday, May 4, 2018 (TBD)

*Exhibit times TBD and confirmed via email as the show approaches.

The International Living Future Institute (Institute) requires full payment prior to booth setup, and all booths must be set by 4:30pm on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.
Failure to make full payment, set up, or break down outside these authorized times and dates may result in exhibitor penalty and suspension from Institute trade shows.  The exhibitor is fully responsible for the installation, demonstration, erecting and dismantling of displays, and packing and shipment of booth materials.

For those purchasing the Exhibitor Package (does not include sponsors with a booth benefit) a $500 non-refundable deposit is due with this application. Payment of 100% of the total sum is due by January 31, 2017. Exhibitors who apply to exhibit after January 31, 2017 or who come from the exhibitor wait list require 100% payment upon completion of their application. 

Cancellations must be made in writing to prior to January 31, 2017. Without prior notice, your organization will be responsible for 100% payment regardless of your attendance. 

An Exhibitor Kit will be sent to you prior to the event, providing further logistics on your booth space.
• Displays must conform to the 8’ x 10’ size** or the increments therein of the space reserved.
(**Nonprofit package includes a high-top table, not a full 8' x 10' booth) 
• No display may protrude into the aisle or be in excess of 3 feet high between booths. 
• No display shall exceed 8' feet in height without permission from the Institute. 
• No booths may interfere with line-of-sight and direct visibility of an adjoining display. 
• The exhibitor is responsible for all furnishings and décor including carpet, floral, electrical, and internet hardwire needs (in-house WiFi provided) as well as for arranging shipping and drayage.

The Institute shall not be responsible for loss, damage or injury that may occur prior to, during or subsequent to the period covered in the exhibit contract. The exhibitor, on signing the contract, expressly releases the Institute from and agrees to indemnify the same against any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury, including vehicles. No alteration or variation of terms of this agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by the Institute. If an exhibitor defaults on any of the terms or conditions of this agreement, the Institute has the right to immediately occupy the space of the defaulting exhibitor and use it as deemed appropriate. The exhibitor shall pay all sums due the exhibition under this agreement and all costs and expenses of legal counsel employed by the Institute if such services are necessary. In the event of an emergency or Act of God, the Institute reserves the right to revoke the privileges stated above without liability except for the refund of the exhibitor’s payment up to that time, less the $500 non-refundable deposit.

This agreement covers rental of exhibit space. The organization or company, through the action of the company's representative, hereby reserves space as stated and agrees to all terms and conditions set forth in this contract.
Please provide any additional comments here.

*For those purchasing the Exhibitor Package (not applicable to confirmed sponsors with a booth benefit), a $500 deposit due upon signing this application. Full payment is due by January 31, 2018.


International Living Future Institute
Attn: Rory Sullivan (LF18)
2420 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 201
Portland, OR 97232

BILLING QUESTIONS? Contact Rory Sullivan at 503-228-5533 x30 or

Thank you for joining us at Living Future May 1-4, 2018 at the Oregon Convention Center! We'll be in touch in early February regarding booth placement.

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